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October 22, 2021


Upcoming events:


Red Ribbon Week – October 25 – October 29 – Wear RED on Thursday, October 28!

Halloween at South School – Friday, October 29, 2021 (1:45PM Parade)

Socktober Collection - October 1 – 31 – Run by Girl Scout Troop 60259 – Collection Box in Lobby


Dear South School Families:


We are grateful for the improvements made to our playground this week! Thanks to the initiative of teachers, Kayla Vanagel and Jenna Benshemer, we now have beautiful new sand in our very large sandbox on the playground. All ages of South School students eagerly dig, play, and build with the sand! Also, former South School student, Sabrina O’Neil, along with her girl scout troop, built picnic tables that were painted in our school colors with an image of our school mascot. Our picnic table was delivered on Monday! Additionally, our little white picket fence, that enclosed our school vegetable garden area tended by our FLEX and PFS students & teachers, has been replaced with a beautiful new fence.  This area is also now being completely enclosed with a new chain link fence. We want to thank our Buildings and Grounds Department for delivering the sand, building the fence, and moving the table all within one week!


South School will be celebrating Red Ribbon Week next week from Monday, October 25th through Friday, October 29th.  The goal of Red Ribbon Week at South School is to educate our school community on the purpose of the week which focuses on making healthy choices about alcohol and other drugs.  The banner will be hung outside the front entrance to the school along with daily facts about drugs and alcohol prevention mentioned during the morning announcements.  Please have your child wear RED on Thursday October 28th to show support and a decision to live drug free.  We hope that you will engage in a dialog with your children about the dangers of drugs and alcohol as well as the importance of living a balanced, healthy lifestyle.  It is important to have open communication about this at a young age and to lead by example.


We hope to see many of you at our annual Halloween Parade on Friday, October 29 at 1:45PM! Our plan is to circle the building twice. Please be aware that costumes must be of a non-violent nature. Some suggestions might be fairy tale or Disney characters, storybook characters, sports players, seasonal figures (scarecrows or pumpkins), historical figures, career or occupational choices, or animals. Of course, we expect no blood, gore or weapons. If appropriate and comfortable, children may come to school wearing their costume. (Full face masks are not allowed for safety purposes.) We would like to invite parents to stand in the front circle or on the edge of the blacktop on the playground to view the parade. For class parties, donations of prepackaged items will be accepted.


Girl Scout Troop 60259 is holding a SOCKTOBER Sock Collection through the end of October. Their flyer explains that “new clean socks (for children and adults) are one of the greatest needs for homeless shelters and those in need. Our Troop is based on a platform of giving back to our local communities. We are proud of our girl scouts for showing Compassion in Action, the fourth pillar of Choose Love! Please help by donating and making a difference to those in need.” Their goal is to collect 500 pairs of socks. The collection box in in the lobby. (Flyer is attached to the email message.)


Did you know that Amazon Smile is a simple way to help the PTA! Visit and choose "South Londonderry School PTA", and a portion of your Amazon purchases will automatically be donated right back to the PTA!


We hope your children have shared the breath called Geyser with you this week! This breath helps you release tension and helps to get rid of negative feelings and excess energy. Have your child teach it to you and then try it!


We want to thank our Student Council members for filling all the orders for BOO Pops! They will be delivered to classes on Friday, October 29!


Also, SS logo wear orders will be distributed by the end of next week!


We close the week with heavy hearts for the Sevigny family. Please see a separate communication about this tragedy and resources for families.


We Choose Love,                       


Linda Boyd                                   


October 22, 2021


Dear South School Families,

It is with a heavy heart that we close this difficult week with thoughts and prayers for the Sevigny family. As many of you are aware, Morgynne Sevigny, a 10th grader at LHS died earlier this week as a result of suicide. Her sister, Anna, grade 2, and her cousin, Damien, grade 5, attend South School. The children’s teachers and classmates talked about how they will welcome Anna and Damien back into their classes and support them when they return.  We will all work on making South School a loving, safe, and caring place, as we “listen with compassion” to support this family through their time of mourning.

If you feel that your child may need the support of one of our counselors to process this loss, please reach out to me, or Bridget Gingrow or Desirae Gallagher.

Here are some tips for talking to children after a traumatic event provided by the U. S. Department of Health and Human Services:

  • Provide children with opportunities to talk about what they are feeling.
  • Do not be afraid to admit that you cannot answer all their questions.
  • Answer questions at a level the child can understand.
  • Provide ongoing opportunities for children to talk. They probably will have more questions over time.
  • Allow children to discuss other fears and concerns about unrelated issues. This is a good opportunity to explore these issues also.
  • Help children understand that there are no bad emotions and that a wide range of reactions is normal. Encourage children to express their feelings to adults who can help them understand their sometimes strong and troubling emotions.
  • In addition to the tragic things they see, help children identify good things, such as heroic actions, families who unite and share support and the assistance offered by people throughout the community.

Additional links to resources are below.

Services for Morgynne will be held this weekend at the Peabody Funeral Home. We are aware that a number of families have been supporting the Sevigny family during this difficult time. Thank you for your kindnesses.  Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

As a school family, we are keeping Anna and Damien and the entire Sevigny family in our hearts and will support them through this time of grief.


Linda Boyd


Resources for Parents:

 Teens and suicide: What parents should know

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