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     Director of Special Education Debra Setterlund


June 18, 2021


Upcoming events:


First Day of School Tuesday, August 31, 2021


Dear South School Families:


We wanted to share our June All-School Meeting in two parts:


Part 1:  June All-School Meeting Dedicated to our Fifth Grade Class:


Part 2: June All-School Meeting with Fifth Grade Slide Show:


Thank you, fifth grade parents, for cheering on your fifth grader during the Fifth Grade Procession yesterday! Thank you to our PTA executive board for hosting the Fifth Grade Send-Off Party in the afternoon!


We hope our South School families have a restful, renewing summer. 2021-2022 will be a GREAT year!

Thank you for all your support and flexibility!


As Mrs. Schilling heads off to retirement, she would like to remind everyone that the Leach Library is OPEN and, for the latest updates on what’s happening there, please visit:

Her departing wish is for learners to KEEP READING!!




We Choose Love, 


Linda Boyd