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September 18, 2020


Upcoming events:


SS Virtual PTA Meeting – Monday, September 21, 6:30PM

Band & Orchestra Instrumental Rental Information Zoom Meeting – Tuesday, September 29, 7:00PM

SS Virtual Parent Night Thursday, October 8 (See rotation times below)


Dear South School Families:


We are continuing our practice of beginning each day with a Morning Meeting, during which time every adult in the building joins a class for the whole year to learn Choose Love along with the children. Morning Meetings typically include greetings, sharing, activities and messages, which serve as an effective vehicle for teaching the pillars of the Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement: Courage, Gratitude, Forgiveness, and Compassion in Action. Other topics that may also be taught during this time include PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports) and Whole Body Listening. Within 9 days of starting school, this “daily, devoted time spent launching our day” has become essential to building a supportive, caring school community as a whole, and on an individual level, helps us to “relax our bodies, calm our emotions and focus our minds.” (Scarlett Lewis, 2017)


Many classes are finishing up the new “Brave New World” unit and are moving onto the first pillar in Choose Love, which is Courage. The children learn that “sometimes when we’re trying to have courage, we might feel scared, uncertain, or confused. When we feel like that, our bodies get tense, our hearts start beating faster, and we might start breathing rapidly. It is difficult to make decisions when we feel that way.” (Scarlett Lewis, 2017) That’s where the “Brave Breath” comes in. It helps to calm our thoughts and bodies. The BREATH is our super HERO! The children also learn to label that thought or feeling. Watch this clip from Inside Out and guess the feeling along with your child: . (Brave New World Choose Love unit)


The best part of Choose Love is that there is a Home Program. We encourage you to register and create your own login so that you will receive updates and newsletters. It’s very simple!


  1. Go to
  2. Scroll down to “Join the Movement,” click on the button and fill in the registration form.
  3. Select “For Home”, then select “Choose Love for Home 2.0”

We hope you have noticed the improvement in our efficiency with dismissal! We credit this development to you, our families, following these new procedures, and to our children learning where to be and to listen for their name. We appreciate your cheers when we reduce family wait-time from the previous day! We are working hard at this!


One important reminder:

  • All cars need to enter from the south on South Road (heading north from St. Mark’s), making a right turn only onto the property. (Approaching from the other direction causes traffic delays for cars and buses.)


To our remote learners, we hope you all settling into your remote learning routines. We miss seeing you but know you are all working hard!


We will be hosting a Virtual Parent Information Night on Thursday, October 8 on a rotating schedule. Look for a video conference link from your child’s teacher sometime the week of October 5.


Virtual Parent Information Night

Thursday, October 8

5:30 - 6:00PM    Gr. 1

6:00 - 6:30PM    Gr. 2

6:30 – 7:00PM   Gr. 3

7:00 – 7:30PM   Gr. 4

7:30 – 8:00PM   Gr. 5


Thank you for addressing the paperwork in your child’s first day packet. Please be sure to return your corrected emergency cards, email notification form, and the Permission to Use Last Names and Images paper. This information is very important to us.


For up to date news and information, follow South School on Twitter. Our account can be accessed at or from the link on our homepage.


Library books: Due to the abrupt shutdown of school in March, many of South School’s library books ended up getting stuck at home and were not returned during the drop-off days. The library staff has reached out to each child individually at school if they have outstanding materials. If your child brought home a notice, we ask that you please make every effort to find and return these materials to school as soon as possible. If your child is learning remotely, you will receive a notice in an email over the next few weeks. If your child is a first grader and has books from Moose Hill, you can send them here and we will make sure they get back to the kindergarten. If you have any questions, please email Mrs. Schilling at Did you know, September is library card sign-up month and Leach Library cards are free to any child ages 6 and up, and, they are open for curbside pickup? Please be sure to take advantage of this valuable, free resource!

Enjoy this last official weekend of summer! Fall arrives on Tuesday!


We Choose Love,                          


Linda Boyd                                     



Important Notice: We need SUBSTITUTE TEACHERS. If you are interested, please call Patti Miller at the District Office at 432-6956 extension 1101.