Passion Projects!

Passion Projects!

What is it?

  In short, a passion project is a long term (10 ish week) research project that your learners will be doing about something they are interested in learning about. Learners have been encouraged to choose a specific topic to research that they are not already an expert in.


  Through these projects, learners will be working on research and note taking, writing, reading, hands on skills, time management, and potentially even math, science, and social studies. They will also be working on presentation skills, as they will need to present their final product to the class. These are all skills that can be difficult, however, by adding the motivation of a topic that they choose and genuinely want to learn about, performing and learning about these tasks becomes less daunting. It is also a great step towards encouraging our fifth graders to become life long learners. 

Does this mean there will be extra homework?

  No, learners will have designated time to work on their projects in class. They may choose to work on their projects at home if they want, but it is not required.

Will I need to buy craft supplies?

  No, learners have been encouraged to use objects they can find at home or in the classroom if they are creating a product. This is not meant to put any financial burden on anyone.

Can I watch my fifth grader’s presentation?

  Absolutely! Learners will be choosing a presentation date and time during their teacher conference. All families will be notified of their fifth grader’s presentation time. Please e-mail me if you plan on coming to watch your fifth grader present.


I have some questions

  Feel free to email me or to set up a meeting! Choice based projects have become something I am quite passionate about in education and I would love to answer any questions you might have.