Homework and Spelling Words


Homework is an important part of the learning process.  It provides review and reinforcement of skills taught in class.  Establishing excellent homework habits now helps prepare students for the tougher homework requirements later down the road.

Students will be given their homework for the week on Friday and it will be due the following Friday.  In addition to written homework, first grade students are expected to read daily.  Reading daily will help improve your child's reading speed, accuracy, fluency, comprehension and vocabulary. Listening to stories from a parent/guardian or an older sibling is also extremely beneficial.

Homework should take approximately 10 minutes of sustained attention each evening, not including reading practice.  If your child is spending longer than that on a regular basis or is having great difficulty, please stop the assignment and send me a note with the assignment the next day. 

Spelling Words for the
Week of January 14th

1. be

6. see

2.  he

7.  tree

3.  me

8.  feet

4.  we

9.  week

5.  she

10.  green



Sight Words

1. how

2.  which