Our fifth grade learners have busy schedules! Between cross country, band, orchestra, drama club, sports, dance and having time to play outside and eat it seems like the days just fly by! 
As they get closer to middle school schedules only get busier! Due to this, time management is an important skill for our fifth graders to learn. It is also important that they get to spend some of that valuable with their families. 

Therefore, we work to make sure any homework that gets sent home is meaningful. 

‚ÄčAll learners are expected to READ every night

For ELA - learners will receive a packet on Mondays which will be due on Fridays. This packet is flexible and will allow the learners to work their homework expectations against their other commitments (including homework from other classes). The activities included are meant to strengthen learner's reading , spelling and vocab skills, encourage them to nourish their personal relationships and take time to "be a kid". 

Math, Science, and Social Studies homework will be given by the respective teachers. Usually math homework will be given out of the math workbook. (My math homework expectations are included on the "Math" page of this website.)

Learners will be expected to fill in their assignment notebooks daily, which will be signed by a teacher. You may cross reference their notebooks with my website page if you wish to do so.