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In fifth grade, we will be utilizing new and exciting technologies.  Students will be able to use an interactive Samsung Flip Board to enhance their learning in all content areas.  This is a great tool and we are very lucky to have it.   We have a mobile lab that we will be using on a weekly basis, as well as a brand new Google Chromebooks class set. Students will have many opportunities to research, create multimedia presentations, as well as, hone their word processing skills with the use of the mobile labs, Chromebooks and classroom computers.



**We will be having a healthy snack in the morning of each school day**



Homework is assigned almost every night, depending on our schedule and what we are doing in the classroom. I believe that homework is something that should be assigned to support classroom content. Helping learners reinforce concepts that were taught during class, is a major goal for my homework assignments. 
An optional homework assignment is to have students work on their iReady lessons, online. Students are aware of how to login to their accounts and advance through their assigned lessons. Some nights I will advise my students to try and logon to complete a lesson, other nights I will leave it optional. 



There are many extra curricular opportunities at South School for fifth graders.  Every fifth grade student can participate in many clubs and activities.  For example: Orchestra, Chorus, Drama Club, Student Council, after school sports, jump rope club, Cross Country, and Track and Field...these are just a few.  Watch for notices with more information as the year continues. 



Throughout the year, I send informative emails about upcoming events, such as: pending tests, notices that are going home and classroom celebrations. A form will be going home to gather your email address, please return this to me so you can be included in these important emails.


Email is an easy way to get a quick response from me, however, you may always call and leave a message. If I do not respond to your email/message in 24 hours I probably did not receive that point you should send it again or call me.


603.432.6956 extension 5135 

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