Mrs. Duragano  Mrs. MacEachern

Welcome to the Health Office Web Page

Jocelyn Duragano, RN BSN
Annie MacEachern, RN BS

                  Below are helpful tips to keep our students healthy and happy.

                            Please keep your child home from school for the following:   

When to stay home

When to return to school

Fever: with an oral temperature of 100 or greater

Fever free for 24 hours without Tylenol or Motrin on board

Diarrhea or loose stools

24 hours symptom free

Nausea and vomiting

24 hours symptom free

Undiagnosed skin rash

When the rash has resolved or has been diagnosed as non-contagious by your child's physician

Conjunctivitis (symptoms may be redness, itching or increased tearing of the eye)

24 hours after initiating treatment with antibiotics