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September 20, 2019


Upcoming events:


PTA Ice Cream Social Wednesday, September 25, 6:30 – 8:00PM (Stop serving at 7:45PM)

Music Mattress Sale – Saturday, October 5, 10:00AM to 4:00PM at MT Cafeteria

Elementary Cross Country Race – Thursday, October 10, 4:00 at LHS Track

Hannaford Helps Schools Collection Ends November 30


Dear South School Families:


Thank you to all our families who attended our Parent Orientation for first grade last night. It was great to reconnect and to meet our new families. Our Choose Love Pledge poster is filling up with signatures. Thank you for joining the Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement to spread the message that Courage + Gratitude + Forgiveness + Compassion in Action = The Choose Love Formula! Look for this poster at the PTA Ice Cream Social.


We hope to see many of you at our PTA Welcome Back Ice Cream Social on Wednesday, September 25, from 6:30PM to 8:00PM. (Ice cream will be served until 7:45PM.) Sign-up forms were sent home in the first day packet. Join us for a delicious “Make Your Own Sundae”. The cost is $10.00 per family and you may pay at the door. This is a great time to meet many South School staff and families. If you have any questions about the Ice Cream Social, contact Kim McKinnon at South School logo wear will also be on sale at the social.


Information regarding the PTA's fall fundraiser through Meadow Farms went home earlier this month with your learner. Hopefully you have taken the opportunity to look at all the great items available in the catalog. The Fall Fundraiser is the single biggest way we earn money for the South School PTA. We encourage you and your family to sell the products. We also understand that not everyone wants to sell. We simply ask that if you don’t want to sell anything, please consider donating $15 per student to help support the South School PTA. Orders are due by Friday, October 4. Thank you in advance for your support.


Have you heard about a Brave Pose? “A Brave Pose is a posture you hold to feel strong and confident. It helps your brain and body move from fear to courage.” (Scarlett Lewis, 2017) Again, this is based on neuroscience! Scientists have shown that practicing a Brave Pose helps you gain courage. Amy Cuddy explains this phenomenon in her TED Talk on Power Posing. Take a look at this video and ask your child to show you their Brave Pose!


The best part of Choose Love is that there is a Home Program. We encourage you to register and create your own login so that you will receive updates and newsletters. It’s very simple!


  1. Go to
  2. Scroll down until you see “Create an Account Below,” fill in the form.
  3. View Course Contents

One of our school goals is to increase our learners’ STAMINA on learning tasks, specifically in reading, writing, mathematics and i-Ready. Stamina is defined as:  being able to do something for a long time without getting tired or without giving up! A number of classes are working on Reading Stamina right now. They have created charts that show their progress as a class in maintaining focus and keeping their eyes on print for successively longer periods of time. This takes PRACTICE! They are also discovering strategies that help their reading stamina. Making sure that learners are reading a “good fit” book that matches their interest, purpose and reading level helps to increase reading stamina. Ask your child what strategies they use to increase their reading stamina!


We are looking forward to a partnership with you to help build our learners’ stamina for reading!

Follow these standards for Volume of Reading based on current research:

Grades 1 & 2

10-12 Books in Book Baggie

25 – 30 minutes of daily independent reading in school


Grades 3 – 5

Two thirds of a page a minute

25 – 30 minutes of daily independent reading in school



30 Pages in School

30 Pages at Home

(Learners will only read at home if they read in school. They need to be reading in the same book – home and school.)


Please be aware that will not be ready until October. Thank you for your patience! You will need your child’s student identification number in order to register at that time. Please email Donna or Diane at or if you would like this number.

Look for the South School slot in the Hannaford Helps Schools collection tower, located at the front of the store, to submit the School Dollars! Thank you for your support! This program ends November 30.

School Lunch Program:  Please be aware that the cost of school lunch is now $2.20. We have noticed that many families are sending in $2.00 for lunch. This $.20 deficit may add up enough to give you an unexpected bill. We want to be able to avoid this for you.

Enjoy this last weekend of summer. Fall arrives on Monday!


We Choose Love,            


Linda Boyd