Classroom Information

Important Information:       Lunchbox


We will have snack around 10 every day, but if your child is hungry at another time during the day, they will be able to have a small snack.  If they have a busy afternoon or a long bus ride home, I encourage them to bring a small snack for the end of the day.

Water Bottles: 
I encourage my learners to bring a water bottle to school every day (even in the winter).  They will need to bring it home at the end of the day to be cleaned out and refilled.

Things to Look Forward To:    Newscast Camera

Newscast: This year, we will be researching and creating a newscast which will be filmed at the LEO studios in the HS lot.  DVDs will be available of this engaging, memorable experience.
                              Blue World Map.png
Mystery Skypes:
 Throughout the year, our class will be participating in a variety of Mystery Skypes. We will communicate, via Skype, with classrooms all over the country and maybe even the world. During the Skype, we will ask yes/no questions in order to figure out what state/city or town we are talking to.  
Clubs & Groups Available to 5th Graders:
Student Council
Safety Patrol
Photography Club
Band, Orchestra, & Chorus
        Jump Rope Team
Cross Country & Track Teams