Homework - "Practice makes progress!"

First graders should be spending approximately ten minutes per night on homework. Homework is a way to practice and reinforce skills taught in class.  It is important to start good homework habits early (such as a quiet place and a consistent time daily).  

Spelling - A page of spelling words cards will be sent home each week to practice at home with.  Please refer to the "ideas for practicing spelling words" page that was previously sent home for ways to practice the weekly spelling skill with your child at home.  On Friday, a spelling test will be given to assess their knowledge of the spelling skill.

Reading - It is also important to establish a daily reading routine.  Reading daily will help improve your child's reading speed, accuracy, fluency, comprehension and vocabulary.  As your little ones are just learning to read, it is perfectly acceptable for you to read to them as it is important for your child to listen to stories too!  In time, your child will want to take over (a little at a time) and read to you!  Reading can be an enjoyable bedtime activity for you and your child that they will look forward to each night!

Glue Bottle Words (Tricky Words, Sight Words, Irregularly Spelled Words) - Glue Bottle Words are words that must "stick" in our brains because they don't always follow the rules or play fair.  They are also words that "stick" sentences together.  They are words that are most commonly used and read.  Helping your child read and recognize these words will improve his/her reading fluency.  

Math Facts - Practicing math facts to 10 and "Friends of Ten" is another activity your child can do at home with flash cards or online resources.