Snack & Lunch

Snack and Lunch

Nutritious snacks and meals, as well as a good night sleep, are important to a successful day of learning at school!

Lunch - Children can get lunch (including milk) or they can purchase just milk for $0.50.  Information on the lunch program (including prepayment and online payment options) can be found on the school district webpage.  Menus can be found online as well.  First grade lunch is at 12:00 PM, therefore, we will have a morning snack at 10:20 AM daily.

Snack - Please send your child in with ONE healthy snack and a drink/water everyday to give them an energy boost.  As we have snack in the morning, healthy snacks such as fruit, vegetables & dip, yogurt, granola, bagels, pretzels or cheese & whole grain crackers are great options for the brain power needed to make it to lunch. For snack time, please also include utensils as needed and two napkins daily, one to eat on and one to clean messy hands and faces.

Water - To keep hydrated, water bottles with leak proof caps are allowed in the classroom.