Our Day in the Classroom

Children Reading Together
Our Day in the Classroom

Our mornings are filled with a variety of interactive activities to introduce and reinforce reading, writing and language arts concepts.  In the afternoon, we focus on math and we have our specials (see below for our weekly schedule).  We also investigate science, social studies and health topics at various times during the year through reading, writing and exploration.  Classroom instruction is delivered in whole and small group settings, then various topics are explored through fun hands-on activities.  

The following is our schedule of special classes this year: 2021 - 2022:

Monday: Math Enrichment with Mrs. Lee  Tuesday: P.E. with Mr. Lohnes (Comfy clothes, sneakers and a water bottle.)
Wednesday: Music with Mr. Freed
Thursday: Art with Mrs. Connors
Friday: Library (Please keep books safe in the plastic bag provided.)

We have Computer Lab on Monday and Friday.