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In second grade the children take on more responsibility in this department.  Your child will receive their homework for the week on Mondays. We do this to accommodate your busy schedules.  So, if you know that your child has scouts on Tuesdays, they could complete both Monday and Tuesday's homework on Monday to avoid the time crunch on Tuesdays. 

   The homework will be the same for each day of the week.  They will complete one page of math, words their way practice (spelling) and read for 15 minutes. Returning library books is considered part of the weekly homework.  This will be the routine for the majority of the school year. 

    Your only homework is to check over your child's work, help them with corrections, write in the book they read, and sign off their sheet.  Library books are due on Mondays. 

   Thanks for all of your help with homework!

Please do not place important notes in the homework folders!!