Hello My Name Is...

Ms. Tharrington

Linda Tharrington
[email protected]
603-432-6956 ext. 5118

Supply List

2020 - 2021

A new year has begun and the following items are suggested for your child, but not required:

  1. Sharpened pencils and erasers
  2. Pencil box
  3. Ear buds or headphones (label headphones and earbuds)
  4. Colored pencils (no markers please)
  5. Crayons
  6. Glue sticks
  7. Two magazines for art projects (labeled with your name)
  8. Two composition notebooks
  9. A happy attitude


  • Two boxes of tissues
  • One box of zip lock baggies/quart or gallon size
  • Antibacterial wipes or gel
  • Extra glue sticks for class supply
  • Scissors
  • Dry Erase markers