Language Arts


This coming year we will be working on a variety of writing pieces! Learners will have experience with informative, persuasive and entertainment prompts! They will also get to write their own news report!


Reading Volume!
It is shown that learners who read more benefit greatly. According to the U.S Department of education - 

“at every level, reading more pages at home and at school was associated with higher scores.”  (1999)

So how do we accomplish this? How do we allow kids to have the ability to read more?

Lucy Calkins stated the following in 2015 regarding allowing learners to become readers:

“The single most important thing we can do to make schools
into places where youngsters thrive as readers is
to clear out the time and space so that children can
learn to read by reading… It is impossible to
stress enough the importance of kids ‘just reading’.” 

So we have been doing just that. Every afternoon after science, social studies and technology, we find a comfy spot and open a book. Learners read independently or with a buddy for the last half hour of the day while I confer with learners individually. This makes a great end to our day!

We would love to allow learners to get lost in a book continuously. Your fifth grader should have a book that they bring back and forth with them to school and home. The expectation is that we are reading 25-30 minutes in school and 25-30 minutes at home; preferably out of the same book. In a just right book this should equate into about 30 pages for every 25 minutes of reading. 

Word Study

Learners in the 3rd - 12th grades should be learning 2,000 new words per year. This is approached by reading, direct vocabulary instruction, and enriching oral language in school, and home environments.

If you are looking to enrich your learner's vocabulary at home, some great ways to do this are:

- Talking to them with enriching vocabulary and figurative language.

- Reading above grade-level (appropriate) texts aloud to them.

Some Recommendations:

Fantasy - 
Where the Mountain Meets the Moon - Grace Lin
Harry Potter - J.K. Rowling 
Holes - Louis Sachar

Realistic Fiction - 
Hoot - Carl Hiaasen
Soar - Joan Bauer (about a boy's love for baseball)

Difficult Situations - 
Tiger Rising -Katie D. Camillo (deals with grief)

Historical Fiction-
Chains -Laurie Halse Anderson