Welcome to Second Grade
Jen Cutuli

     I am very excited to begin our journey together in Room 105. I have been busy getting our school home ready for you all in room 105. We have 3 class frogs who have been waiting for students to care for them. I am looking forward to a great year!  The students and I will keep our days busy here at school. Our team is completed by you, our parents, helping to encourage and support your child throughout their second grade year!

     As we kick off the new school year, there is always a lot of paperwork.  Please try to return all forms as quickly as possible.   Please do not place important notes or forms in your child's homework forlder. These will not be looked through until later in the day and we don't want to miss anything important. Thanks in advance for your help with these mundane, yet important, tasks. 

    All that your child needs to be prepared for school is a hard plastic pencil box (5x8), 2 black expo dry-erase markers, 2 glue sticks (additional glue sticks will be requested as your child needs them) and a pair of headphones (for laptop and iPad use). All other supplies will be provided for your child. If you have already purchased other items, then you've already got a start on a great homework kit!
Image result for plastic pencil boxImage result for 2 pack glue sticks   expos  headphones or earbuds

We also love germ busters like tissues, hand sanitizer and baby wipes. If everyone contributes it will help us get through our days, as germ free as possible.
Image result for tissues back to school    Image result for wet ones images Image result for 7th generation wipes images

Please be sure to check your child's folder daily for school work, important notes and newsletters.  Your child will have all of the supplies needed during our school day. Please keep extra things at home unless requested. Thanks for your help with keeping distractions at home!