Homework backpack

A homework sheet outlining the week's work will be sent home at the beginning of the week in your child's red folder. The homework sheet will include the spelling words for the week as well as a generalization of the main spelling skill we are learning. When doing homework, feel free to offer gentle guidance and hints, but please encourage your child to find the answers to help them gain independence. At this time of the year, most children will need an adult to read the directions.

Spelling: The children will be responsible for learning twelve spelling words each week. Ten of these words will follow the spelling pattern we are practicing, and two will be sight words.

Math: Children will have a math sheet to complete. The homework will reinforce the skills covered in class and will give me the chance to see where students need more instruction and practice.

Reading Practice: In addition to nightly written homework, please read with your child each day. A reading log will be included in your child's homework packet. Reading together reinforces skills and helps create confident readers. I will provide reading strategies bookmarks for you to use as a guide. I know that families are busy and your time is limited. Help your child get reading practice in creative ways. My sons would read to me as I was preparing dinner. At bed time we would take turns reading. Reading to a sibling, pet, or stuffed animal is also an option, as long as a parent observes it happening. 

The school district homework policy is ten minutes per grade level each night (in addition to daily reading). If written homework is taking longer than ten minutes or your child is frustrated please contact me as soon as possible. Together we can find a solution to make homework easier. If your child has difficulty with a concept or understanding directions, it is not worth a battle. Write a note on the assignment and I will review it with the child in class. I collect all assignments on Friday. This gives your family flexibility during the week. I know you are busy with after school activities and some nights are easier than others.