Notepad.png            Communication


We are partners in your child's education and therefore communication is important. We will communicate throughout the year through phone calls, emails, notes, monthly newletters, and parent/teacher conferences. If you wish to contact me at school, you may access my voice mail by calling 432-6956 ext. 5112. I will return your call as soon as I can. You could also send a note in with your child or email me at, and I will respond promptly. I look forward to working with you to make first grade a successful learning experience for your child.

I check all messages before and after school and will be in touch with you as soon as I can. If you are reporting an absence please call the main office via the absentee line at 432-6956. Dismissals can be communicated through a dismissal note sent in with your child, email, or a call to the main office. Please be sure to include the date, your child's first and last name, my name, and your signature on all notes. Forms for a regular weekly dismissal can be found in the main office.

Did you know that grade 1 has their own twitter account? You can follow us on twitter at @SSGr1 to see what's happening in first grade.