Notepad.png       Homework

Homework will be given each night in order to reinfoce the concepts that were taught that day.  For the first couple of weeks,  homework will vary.  After that, you can expect that your child will have nightly homework in reading, spelling, and math.  Occasionally, there will be homework in science or social studies.  This is usually when the students need to study for an upcoming test, or prepare for a project.

Students will be given an assignment notebook on the first day of school.  Each day the students will write down their homework assignments for that night.  I will sign the assignment notebook indicating that your child has written down the homework expectations.  In return, I ask that parents look at the notebook and initial that they have seen the expectations for the night.  This helps me to know that parents have seen the assignments. 


**  Any study guides, spelling lists, and other handouts will be located under the document tab. **



Homework for the week of: