Welcome to Room 109!

(Week of 12/2/19)

This week we will further examine the idea that most things happen for a reason (cause and effect) as we read about several classrooms.  We will enjoy several realistic fiction stories during the week. They will include a fun book about a school play called The Farmer in the Hat,
by Pat Cummings.


Our phonics learning will have us looking at some of the magic that the letter e can do. We will learn the long a sound in CVCe pattern words (safe, take, late) and that c and g usually make their “soft sounds” when followed by an e (face, age). We will also continue to look at nouns in grammar. We know that if a word names a person, place, thing or animal, it is a noun.  


Our learners will continue focusing on addition as we work on math story problems and real life math problems.  You can help at home by practicing math facts and best friends of ten. 


Important Dates:

  • December 19 = Gingerbread Celebration (1:30-2:30)
  • December 23 - January 2 = Winter Break

 Classroom Wish List:

  • Tissues
  • Paper towels 
  • Napkins
  • Wet Ones wipes
  • Ziplock bags (any size)
  • Books and board games no longer used at home
  • Toys no longer used at home (especially Matchbox cars and small plastic animals/people)
  • Child appropriate magazines and catalogs (for cutting and collage)