Welcome to the FRIENDS 2 classroom!
The teachers of this classroom are Allie Stone and Emily Engler. We are all ready for another fun and exciting year. There have been several new changes to the program and we looking forward to incorporating the new ideas this year.
Peg Colangelo, Jeannine Myers, Lisa Curran, Ashley Graham, Donna Palmariello, Amy Deschene and Julia DeFreitas are the individual assistants that work in the classroom with your child. Karen Ouellette (OT) Trish Carew (COTA) and Kayla Giuffrida (SLP) will also be joining us in the FRIENDS room this year.
If you need to get in contact with us please feel free to write a note in your son's/daughter's home/school log or call us at 432-6956 X5208, please note that these extensions go right into voicemail. This is the voicemail extention for both Emily and Allie