This Month in the Library

                Leslie Schilling


June 2018

With summer fast approaching, I would like to remind parents and guardians of the Summer Reading Program at Leach Library, located at 276 Mammoth Road; right across from Londonderry High School. Registration began on June 1 and is ongoing, so it’s not too late to sign up. I cannot overstate the importance of having your children continue to read over the summer! They’ve worked so hard all year to improve their reading skills and we’d like them to return in August without having experienced the “summer slide”.

Did you know that we have a collection of resources specifically for parents? With the plethora of information available on the internet, it may be hard to determine how much of it is actually useful.

Here is a sample of some of the print materials we have:

SS Parenting Collection

Our library is your library! Please feel free to come and discover all that we have for our learners!

Have a great summer. HAPPY READING!!

May 2018

 My how quickly this year has flown by! I’d like to share with you a few of the highlights of our year since my last reporting in November. The winter months, in addition to being packed with snow days, were full of meaningful reading and learning opportunities in the library. In December, our first and second graders voted for their favorite Ladybug book, and both the school and statewide winner was Woodpecker Wants a Waffle by Steve Breen. Third graders continued their quest for library independence with their weekly Destiny lessons and our first graders were treated to a holiday themed storytelling with Mrs. Boyd and retired superintendent, Mr. Greenberg.


January found us conducting penguin research with second graders and boy, did they become penguin experts! They learned that there are many different resources they can use to find good, reliable information for their research. During February, the Youth Media Awards were announced by the American Library Association and so the Caldecott, Newbery and Theodore Seuss Geisel medal winners and honor books were ordered for the library.


March brought the conclusion of our third graders’ formal Destiny lessons, leaving them to continue to practice what they’ve learned, including how to access South School’s e-books by logging in to Destiny with their i-Ready credentials. They are quite accomplished in their knowledge! Fourth graders began their NH Animal research project and had lessons in 2-column note-taking, website evaluation and citation generation.


In April, we celebrated National Library Week! First and second graders shared a non-fiction book entitled Living Green:  Saving Our Earth and participated in the Earth Day Grocery Bag project by decorating paper bags donated by Hannaford. Third, fourth and fifth graders were once again challenged by an activity that is modeled after the escape room concept called BreakoutEDU. Breakout encourages learners to work collaboratively with their classmates in order to find clues (around the library) that help them solve puzzles which will, in turn, unlock a series of locks on a box. The result is the breakout. The idea is to foster cooperation, communication, creative problem solving and critical thinking.  It also cultivates grit, as each unsuccessful attempt to open a lock forces the players to try again. Be sure to ask your child about their experience with Helping the Cat Get His Hat Back.


We are incredibly grateful to the PTA for their generosity with Scholastic Book Fair books and a grant for a LEGO table in what is soon to be a permanent makerspace in the library! All learners have the opportunity to visit the makerspace during indoor recess and tinker with a wide variety of games, puzzles, creative materials and engineering gizmos.


Miss Jen, the children’s librarian at Leach Library, has already met with classes to discuss their summer reading program. Sign-ups begin June 1. Please check back here in June for another update before summer!





With the holiday season fast approaching, I’d like to share the latest Library happenings and offer some gift-giving suggestions:

  • Research shows that giving children access to books helps improve their reading skills. Why not consider giving a book store gift card for the holidays? Allowing learners to choose their own reading materials increases their motivation to read!
  • Magazine subscriptions also make excellent holiday gifts. It’s the gift that gives all year! We have some very popular ones in the library, such as American Girl, BMX Plus, BYOU, Catster, Dirt Bike, Discovery Girls, Dogster, Looney Tunes, National Geographic for Kids, Ranger Rick, Scooby-Doo and Sports Illustrated for Kids. If you’re stuck for a gift idea, why not consider ordering a magazine?
  • Another perennial favorite of students in the library is the latest Guinness Book of World Records (currently the 2018 edition). We can’t keep them on the shelf! You can find them available for purchase at Wal-Mart and Sam’s Club, as well as at Barnes & Noble and through Amazon. Also very popular is the collection of handbooks for one of the hottest video games:  Minecraft.
  • Ladybug voting will take place the week of December 4 for first and second graders. Our votes will be tallied and sent to Concord to be counted along with other schools and libraries from across the state of NH. The statewide winner will be announced in early 2018. Stay tuned…
  • Third graders are learning more and more about Destiny (our online catalog) during their library time. They are well on their way to independence in the library and they are persevering, owning their learning and practicing (POP)!
  • On behalf of Mrs. Mercier, Mrs. Dillon and myself, we wish all of you a very happy holiday season.


Leslie Schilling

603-432-6956 ext. 5210




To start the year off right and help keep them organized, our 1st and 2nd graders have been given a book bag to carry their library books inside of their backpacks. You may have seen them. This year’s theme is My Stache of Books! These bags are used to keep their books together and safe from food and drinks. We ask that you please assist your child in using the bag throughout the year so that they always know where their library books are. For parents of all students: If your child has a loose juice box, water bottle, yogurt or fruit in their backpack for snack or lunch, a Ziploc or similar bag is recommended to minimize damage to books caused by accidental leakage.

Third graders have already begun their Destiny lessons and are learning how to search the online catalog for books they're interested in reading. You can access our catalog at and click on South School Library Media Center (your child will know how to do this!) or from the quick link on the left side of this webpage (Destiny Online Catalog).

We have lots of new and exciting materials for students to enjoy; including e-books, audiobooks and interactive e-books (more info on them will be available in the coming months)! My goal is to continue to develop our collection based on student input, high interest subject matter and curriculum content.

As part of our Executive Functioning and POP focus, we ask that you please discuss with your child what you feel is an appropriate number of books for them to take out on a weekly basis, based on their activities schedule. All of our learners come to the library every week. Encourage them to read every day. Reading to them or with them is great fun too! 

It’s been a wonderful first month with our learners. Happy reading!

Till next time…

Leslie Schilling     



Welcome to a new school year in the Library Media Center! I am happy to be back for my eighth year as the Library Media Specialist. I hope everyone had a relaxing, fun-filled summer full of good reads!

We have lots of new resources to share with our learners and staff, including e-books and interactive titles.  
Please do not hesitate to contact the library if you have any questions and be sure to follow us on Twitter @SS_LMC. We are looking forward to having our learners back in the building!

Till next time...
Leslie Schilling