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October 13, 2017


Upcoming events:


PTA Meeting – Tuesday, October 17, 6:30, Library

Hawk Shop – Wednesday, October 18 & Thursday, October 19

Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk – Sunday, October 22

Munchkins with your Munchkins – Wednesday & Thursday, October 25 & 26, 7:45AM

Halloween at South School – Friday, October 27, Parade 1:30

Girl Scout Blanket Drive – In progress - Ends October31


Dear Parents and Guardians:


Once again our Boys’ and Girls’ Cross Country Teams made us proud! They definitely showed POP – Perseverance, Ownership and Practice and STAMINA - in performing their personal best! We would like to thank all the families who came out to cheer on our children on a beautiful clear, fall day. We would also like to thank our coach, Scott Lohnes, for his fine training, which helped prepare our young runners for the mental and physical demands of the big race. Leslie Schilling, Shauna Massahos, Maria Del Rossi and Jodi Daron also assisted with the coaching.


Our other top ten finishers included, for the girls:  Nicki Santos, Amelie Fegan, Clara Dooley, Elizabeth Roy, Kayla Sharkey, Riley Doyle, Isabelle Robinson, Danielle Doherty, Ava Bull and Sabrina O’Neil; and for the boys:  Jameson Seaman, Declan Brown, Jacob McClory, Ryan Perry, Michael Cypher, Tyler Rushton, Gabe Rivera, Liam Doyle, Brayden Webster and Nathan Beaulieu. This was a memorable experience for all our runners who will be telling stories about that fall afternoon when they ran a mile with 99 other Londonderry fifth graders.


Halloween at South School will be celebrated on Friday, October 27. All grades will march in one long parade beginning at 1:30PM. Please be aware that costumes must be of a non-violent nature. Some suggestions might be:  fairy tale or Disney characters, storybook characters, sports players, seasonal figures (scarecrows or pumpkins) historical figures, career or occupational choices, or animals. Of course, we expect no blood, gore or weapons. Also, for safety purposes, face masks will not be allowed. We invite parents to stand in the front circle or on the edge of the blacktop on the playground to view the parade.


We would like to thank all the parents who shared their career journeys with our learners on Wednesday during our fourth annual Career Day. Each guest spoke about working hard, persevering through struggles or self-doubt, continuing to learn with additional classes and training, the satisfaction they felt when they knew they had given their best effort, admitting that they make mistakes and how they turn those mistakes into positive opportunities to improve. Everyone shared how much they enjoyed their chosen career.


Some of our guests included:

Kevin Smith – Londonderry Town Manager

Cherise Leclerc - News 9 Anchor

Patrick Correia – Small Business Owner (Connor Beaudet’s stepdad)

Dan Leone – Contracts Manager (Molly’s dad)

Bill Sweeney – Fire Protection Systems (Gavin’s dad)

Adam McCormick – Elevator Mechanic (Justin’s dad)

Melissa Ocasia – Social Worker (Gianna Hernandez’s mom)

Phil O’Loughlin – Police Officer (Caelum and Brenner’s dad)

Elizabeth Gehalo – Vet Technician (Madison and Katie’s mom)

Jason Shanley – Optical Engineer (Jason’s dad)

Lisa Travaglini – Editor

Katie Beauregard – Stay-at-Home Mom (Haylee Figueroa’s mom)

PFC Amanda Cooper - National Guard (Manny & Gabriel Perez’s mom) 

Adam Petris - Police Officer (Paul Binder's mom's boyfriend) 

Jessica Amato - Engineer (Logan's mom)

Serge Beaulieu - Band Director (Nathan's dad)

Kirsten Figueiredo – Nurse (Julian’s mom)

Thomas Hatem – Pharmacist (Vivian’s dad)

David Egan – Mechanical Engineer (Kara’s dad)

Steven Mathieu - Chemist (Tyler’s dad)

Michael Buco - Fire Fighter (Mia’s dad)

Stephanie Curtin – Nurse’s Assistant (Aerilyn’s mom)

Bridget Parece-Grogan - Counselor (Emmitt, Pacey and Eli’s mom)



We also had some of our own talk with our learners about their careers:

Claudia Dunigan - Author

Leslie Schilling - Librarian

Melanie Lantagne - Educator

Jen Colantuoni - Educator

Katie Desfosses - Animal Science


Munchkins with Your Munchkins is also next week on Wednesday or Thursday (pick a day that works for you!). This was a very popular event last year. Come enjoy a pleasant, early morning treat with your child or children in a relaxed atmosphere before you go off to begin your day.


In addition to signing up to join our South School Striders team for this year’s American Cancer Society Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk (Sunday, October 22), you also have the opportunity to contribute a message to our “Wall of Hope”. Look for the form coming home next week. Thank you to those who have already contributed. ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Sign up for the walk at For more information, email our team captain, Holly Maki at


Substitutes:  Are you looking to get out of the house one or two days a week, help out your school district and get paid? Please consider joining us as a substitute. We need subs in all areas (Special Education Assistants, Teachers, Nurses, Custodians and Food Service). We will train you in all areas except nursing. You can choose which schools and days you would like. For more information go to


This week, Mason Kline was awarded the GOLDEN “R” for his authentic act of respect. He included a student who was left out of another play group in with his group of friends. Thank you, Mason, for your genuine respectfulness and kindness.


Our Respectful Reminder for next week will be:  E – Express kindness towards others.




Linda Boyd