Welcome to Room 109! (Week of 1/14/19)

Much of our reading this week will help us to compare and contrast various characters and settings.  We will also look to compare and contrast the ways that some insects are alike and different. Our expository nonfiction selection, Honey Bees by Jesus Cervantes, will give us an interesting look at what happens inside a beehive.

Our phonics focus will be on the long e sound.  We will look at e making its long sound alone (he, she) and with a twin (feed, green). Nouns will pop their heads up again in grammar as we review the fact that nouns name people, places, animals and things.  As we read, we will note that nouns can be in more than one place in a sentence.

Related facts and fact families will continue as our main math focus.  We will also work to determining whether a fact is true or false with balanced equations.


Spelling Words: 

be           green

feet            me

he           she

see         tree

we          week

how        which

Classroom Supply Wish List: 

  • Tissues
  • Paper towels
  • Napkins
  • Wet Ones wipes
  • Ziplock bags (any size)
  • Books and board games no longer used at home
  • Toys no longer used at home (especially Matchbox cars and small plastic animals/people)
  • Child appropriate magazines and catalogs (for cutting and collage)