All About iReady

All About iReady

The Londonderry School District is pleased to announce that, beginning in the fall of 2016, we will be implementing the iReady assessment and instructional system in our elementary and middle schools. This system is designed to take the place of some of our more traditional screening systems and classroom resources. It provides students with instructional materials at their specific level of challenge, and helps teachers to identify specific skill areas for student remediation and enrichment. The data generated by this system is not shared with any outside organization, and is intended only for teacher and parent use in understanding the skill development of each child.  
Commonly referred to as ‘formative assessment’, the iReady system is intended to be a source of information and learning materials that are more closely aligned to the needs of each individual student. It is used to guide teacher planning for classroom instruction. It is not ‘another standardized test’ but instead can be thought of more as a different form of workbook or in-class quiz. The difference is that the questions and activities actually adjust to each student’s level of skill, and provide teachers with materials to enhance their classroom instruction. It is not intended to replace classroom instruction, but instead is intended to enhance quality instructional activities. 
Initially, the system will be in use in Grades 2-7, with teachers in Grades K, 1, and 8 accessing training to determine the degree to which specific students might benefit from the use of this resource. As always, parents will have full access to information on their child, and disaggregated data reports will be available for use in Parent – Teacher Conferences where appropriate. 
We will be sending out more specific information regarding iReady throughout the school year.