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Welcome to Mrs. Daily's Web Page! We are all looking forward to an exciting year ahead of us in third grade!
 School Supplies
This year I will be providing your child with two folders. One folder will be for homework and one will be designated for work in progress.  Please do not send in three ringed binders or "Trapper Keepers." We do not have any room for them!
Suggested Items Include:
  • pencil box
  • scissors
  • colored pencils
  • regular pencils
  • erasers
  • markers
  • crayons
  • glue stick
If you are unable to provide any of these items, I do keep a small supply in the classroom. Items to be sent in at any time of the year may include: tissues, paper towel, and any type or brand of baby wipe or hand wipe that only contains aloe or lanolin. “Wet Ones” brand antibacterial wipes are an approved product. Most disinfecting wipes, such as Clorox or Lysol, contain Ammonium Chloride and are not allowed in the schools.
Special Schedule
Monday: Library
Tuesday: Math Enrichment
Wednesday: Music
Thursday: P.E.
Friday: Art


Every morning we will have a ten minute snack. Healthy snacks are strongly encouraged! Some suggestions that students enjoy may include: yogurt, grapes, apples, cheese and crackers, breakfast bars, carrot sticks, pretzels, and popcorn. Please be sure to send in a napkin or two so each student has a clean placemat to eat their snack on.  Your child may like to bring their own juice drink for snack, or a bottle of water to have during the day, especially when the weather is warm! Please make sure the bottle has your child's name on it.

Third grade is an important year for homework. We expect that students will spend approximately 30 minutes on homework each night. It is extremely important that your child remembers to make sure that his/her homework is placed in their homework folder before they leave for school every day. It is their responsibility, but initially they still may need a few reminders. Every morning homework is collected. Students who have not completed and returned the assigned work on time will miss a recess. In the Homework Room they are given the opportunity to complete the missing homework assignment, and as soon as it is finished, they may go right outside to enjoy the rest of the recess with their friends. If at any time there is a reason why your child was unable to complete an assignment on time, please just send in a note to me, and I will excuse your child from the homework room that day. The assignment may be completed and returned the following day.
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