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                                  Welcome to 3rd Grade!   

Thanks for visiting my webpage.  This is a great way for you to find  out what's going on in the classroom.  It will also be a place to go if you ever need to download a classroom document.  You can also view your textbooks online by clicking on the Scott Foresman link below.  Feel free to come here and check out some of the fun learning links below which will be updated throughout the year. 


What Will Happen in 3rd Grade...


                                                        What You will be Learning...

                                          Apple Reading


Your reading focus will change from from "learning to read" to "reading to learn".   We will be accomplishing this through the reading of fictional and nonfictional pieces from various literary genres, which just means different types of reading material.  An important goal for 3rd grade is to increase your reading fluencyFluent readers read smoothly while understanding what they are reading.  Regular reading is the best way to accomplish this, and you play an important role in this area. You will be developing reading strategies which you will be using throughout your lives.  You will be learning and practicing these skills: sequencing(order of events), main idea, cause and effect, fact and opinion, and author's purpose. We will focus on elements of a story: characters, setting, plot, problem and solution, and theme.  All of these reading skills will allow you to learn more from what you have read. 

In math, we will begin building on your understanding of our Place Value System.  Quick and accurate recall of your math facts will greatly assist you when working on math concepts.  While in school, you will be using the FASTT Math program to help you in learning your math facts, but practice should be taking place at home as well.  Regular practice is the only way to achieve quick and accurate recall of math facts. I have attached some fun links on my page for you to practice your math facts at home.    


Student Reminders

   *  Remember to bring a healthy snack each morning.

   * Do not forget to bring your water bottles to keep your brains hydrated.