There is no band tomorrow morning, Friday, 3/24. Friday group should still attend full band this Thursday, 3/30!


Full Band is on! 
Thursday mornings at 8AM in the gym.

Update to Rehearsal Schedule

This update only concerns students who come on Monday. Monday students (due to Jump Rope and various other activities that have conflicted with Monday’s group meeting as a unit) will be distributed amongst the Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday groups. Here is an updated list of who is coming which day:



Flute – Katelyn O’Neill

Clarinet – Sarah Stewart, Natalie Washington, Kiera Lemay

Saxophone – Brady Follansbee

Trumpet – Kiara Edmunds, Jayna Mower, Jack Owens

Trombone – Timothy Dolan, David Todd

Percussion – Bianca Fonseca, Natalie Howard



Flute – Chloe Bariteau, Lola Roarty, Ashleigh Leone

Clarinet – Nora Lees, April Edmunds

Saxophone – Leah Harpster, Megan Jones

Trumpet – TJ Stone, Taylor McKinnon, Ben Geezil

Trombone – Connor Williams

Percussion – Killian Daron, Tatyana Solivan, Thomas Ivas



Flute – Saffron Matzker, Preston Fortue

Clarinet – Maia Jay, Emily Lundrigan

Saxohpone – Asher Comtois, Tobey Kamerman

Trumpet – Kelly Eagan, Tyler B., Cam G.

Trombone – Sean O’Donnell, Logan Hunt

Percussion – Sergio Cabeza, Kyle Jasper, Joey Cain


Please let me know if you have questions!




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