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Homework is an important part of the learning process.  It provides practice and reinforcement of skills taught in class.  Completing and returning homework helps build a sense of responsibility and prepares students for the homework requirements expected in later school years.

Fourth grade students can expect written homework each night Monday through Thursday.  Occasionally written homework may be assigned on a Friday.  In addition to written homework, fourth grade students are expected to read daily and complete a home reading log that is returned to school each week with a parent signature.      

Students are provided with an assignment notebook to keep track of their homework assignments.  A two-pocket folder is helpful to transport homework and other important information to and from school. In addition, a three-ring binder large enough to fit the assignment notebook and folder helps students keep track of necessary paperwork efficiently. Use of these important organizational tools will be checked dailyStudents may be asked to have an adult at home sign the assignment notebook.  

Fourth grade students who do not bring in a completed homework assignment will attend "Homework Room" during recess time.  If your child needs to attend homework room, a letter will be sent home that will need to be returned with a parent's signature. 
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