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Update from Room 135:
June 2017 - As we near the end of the year students will be finishing up their research projects and PowerPoint presentations. We will also be assessing the student's knowledge of the 50 United States and Capitals. There is a wealth of resources provided below (under my links) to help with studying the states and capitals. As of June 19th, there will be no more reading logs or spelling homework. It is strongly encouraged that students continue to read on a daily basis, into the summer!

Supply List for incoming Fourth Graders:
Here is a list of what you need when you come to 4th grade:

  • Pencils! (Start out with at least 5 or 6)
  • A red pen and a black pen.
  • 2 single subject notebooks. (Preferably one that is already three hole-punched)
  • 1 package of crayons or colored pencils. (Whichever you prefer)
  • A binder! (1 or 1.5-inch binder is recommended)
  • 3 pocket folders. Any style/color is fine.  
  • Glue stick and a pair of scissors.
  • A highlighter. (Any color is fine)
  • A pencil case to keep your items organized.
  • 1 box of tissues for classroom use.
  • 1 roll of paper towels.

Organization is a big part to your success in fourth grade is you come prepared on the first day of school with your binder, folders, and other materials; you will be off to a great start!

 Welcome to Mr. LaRosa's

 Fourth Grade Class!!


Fourth grade is an exciting year!! We will be studying many interesting topics during our time together. Our class will be learning about the 5 regions of the United States, our government and what it means to be a good citizen. We will also be working with our exciting science curriculum as well as learning lifelong skills such as how to be organized, efficient and on top of your assignments!




In fourth grade, we will be utilizing new and exciting technologies.  Students will be able to use an interactive SmartBoard to enhance their learning in all content areas.  These are a great tool and we are very lucky to have them.   We have three mobile labs at South School for classroom use. We also have a brand new Computer Lab Classroom that we will be using. Students will have many opportunities to research, create multimedia presentations, as well as, hone their word processing skills with the use of the mobile labs, computer lab and classroom computers.  To improve student's math facts, we have a program on our school computers called Fastt Math.  Fastt Math is a program that tracks each child's math fact progress (speed and accuracy) for all four operations., however it is only available for the students at school.  



MONDAY:  Math Enrichment




THURSDAY:  ART art_palette

FRIDAY: Computer Lab 




happy_child*We will be having a quick healthy snack in the afternoon each day.

Apple ReadingHomework

Homework is assigned every evening. Your child will have nightly assignments in math and spelling. However, there will be some grammar, social studies, science as well as writing. Classwork that is not completed during the day, will be sent home that evening. If you find that your child is bringing home a lot of homework please ask him/her if it is also classwork.

Any student who does not bring in their homework will attend the "Homework Room" during their recess time.  If your child misses recess due to homework, a letter will be sent home for a parent's signature. 



There are many extra curricular opportunities at South School in fourth grade.  Every fourth grade student can participate in many clubs and activities.  For example: Orchestra, Chorus, Drama Club, Apprentice Gardeners, jump rope club...these are just a few.  Watch for notices more information. 






Throughout the year, I send informative emails about upcoming events, such as: pending tests, notices that are going home and classroom celebrations. A form will be going home to gather your email address please return this to me so you can be included in these important emails.


Email is an easy way to get a quick response from me, however, you may always call and leave a message. If I do not respond to your email/message in 24 hours I probably did not receive that point you should send it again or call me.


603.432.6956 extension 5135 


My Links


Scholastic News

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Scott-Foresman (all textbooks)

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National Geographic for Kids


Quia (grammar practice)

Interactive Learning Activities


Sheppard Software

Science Quiz for Plants

Vocabulary Practice


Tour the States Video

Tour the States Link

States and Capitals - Quizlet!

Measurement Song:

Area & Perimeter:

Student Survey for June: