In first grade, we work to develop good homework habits.  Review of what we have worked on in class can help to reinforce our skills.  As we will learn this year, "Practice makes progress!"

While doing homework, children should work in a quiet place with a good writing surface. 
All homework should be completed in pencil unless otherwise noted. This makes it easier to correct mistakes.

It is also important that all assignments be completed with quality and effort.  That means I am looking forward to seeing your best work and writing! 

When homework begins, we will have formal homework Monday through Thursday nights.  A list outlining the week’s work will be sent home on Monday (or first day of the week) in a blue folder along with the practice sheets for the week. Children will be expected to complete the work throughout the week and then return it in their blue folders on Friday. 


Homework allows children a chance to revisit and reinforce concepts learned during the day.  It is important that homework be returned each week so that I can monitor progress and adjust lessons and expectations accordingly.  Consistency will also teach the children organizational skills that will be applied throughout their lives.  The Londonderry School District homework policy is ten minutes per grade level each night (in addition to daily reading).  If written homework is taking longer than ten minutes, or you are finding that your child is extremely frustrated, please contact me as soon as possible.  We can work together to make appropriate adjustments.

Specific homework details will follow when homework begins. 

Thank you for your help and support!