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Welcome to Room 109!(Week of 3/20/17)

As we dive into this third week of March, we will look at weather and the forces that cause it to change.  We will read about where animals go during the cold weather in a play called, Where Are My Animal Friends?  and will continue to practice sequencing. The class will reflect on prior knowledge while we read this and other stories throughout the week.

Our phonics skills for the week will continue to focus on the comparative endings -er and -est (taller, tallest). Ask your child to tell you about our reasons for doubling (or not doubling) the consonant on a base word before adding these endings.  We will also look at the -dge ending (edge).

Learners will continue their work in understanding place value and comparing numbers.  We will increase our understanding of these concepts and our expertise in the use of the greater than (>), less than (<), and equals (=) symbols.


Spelling words:

bigger        biggest

faster        fastest

slower        slowest

shorter      shortest

sadder       saddest

way            could


Reminder:  During the winter we still make every effort to get outside during the day to enjoy some fresh air.  Please make sure that your child is dressed appropriately to ensure his/her comfort.  If children want to go in the snow on the playground, they MUST be wearing a coat, snow pants, boots, a hat, and mittens.  If a child is not wearing these items, he/she will need to stay on the blacktop during recess.  PLEASE LABEL ALL ITEMS!  When all of that snow gear is hanging together one person’s things can look just like many others!


Please be sure that your child brings a pair of shoes in addition to boots during snowy weather.  Boots are hard to walk in and become hot and uncomfortable when worn all day.  I also recommend that you keep a dry pair of socks in your child’s backpack for days that snow sneaks into those boots and makes a chilly, soggy mess. It is much easier to concentrate on school thinking when we are dry and comfortable!

Important Dates:


Classroom Donation Wish List:

  • Books and board games no longer used at home
  • Toys no longer used at home (especially Matchbox cars and small plastic animals/people)
  • Child appropriate magazines and catalogs (for cutting and collage making)
  • Paper towels
  • Baby wipes

  • Wet Ones wipes

  • Tissues

  • Ziplock bags (any size)