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Welcome to Room 109!(Week of 4/17/17)

This week will have us thinking about treasures we can share.  We will look at ways that we can share special days with family and friends.  Our reading will take us through special days that are celebrated here, as well as some that are special in other parts of the world. We will read about a Chinese harvest festival in a realistic fiction story called The Lady in the Moon, by Lilly Wong Fillmore.  We will compare realism and fantasy as we discuss legends and folk tales related to several holidays.  Reading about special days and the foods that go along with them will also give us a great opportunity to describe “what kind” (ripe berries, sticky candy, crunchy cookies) as we continue to practice adjectives. 


Our phonics lessons will focus on new ways to make the long i sound.  We will learn about the vowel buddy ie(pie, tie) and the long i sound of the tricky combination igh (night, bright).  The children will also practice recognizing silent k and w in the kn, and wr digraphs (write, know).


In math, we will be continuing our work with comparing numbers and will begin to look at telling time.


Spelling Words: 

lie                night

tie               bright

high             light

might           pie

right           tight

Important Dates:

April 24 - 28 = April Vacation

Classroom Donation Wish List:

  • Books and board games no longer used at home
  • Toys no longer used at home (especially Matchbox cars and small plastic animals/people)
  • Child appropriate magazines and catalogs (for cutting and collage making)
  • Paper towels
  • Baby wipes

  • Wet Ones wipes

  • Tissues

  • Ziplock bags (any size)