Welcome to Science Class!

Learners from Mrs. Desfosses and Mrs. Colantuoni's classes have been mixed together to form 2 science and social studies groups; north and south.

Each group will attend either science or social studies for a length of one full unit. This will allow us to meet with our science or social studies classes Mondays-Thursdays for 40 minutes. It will also allow the learners to get more in depth in their learning of these subjects and to get used to having different teachers for certain subjects.

Earth's Systems 2 week unit
South - 2/12 - 2/22
North 3/5 - 3/15

Colonialism 2 week unit (Social Studies with Mrs. Colantuoni
North - 2/12 - 2/11
South- 3/5 - 3/15

We will be doing a quick unit on the geosphere, atmosphere, hydrosphere and biosphere including human interaction. Learners will complete a poster project in class as well as a graphing activity on top of their class discussions. 

For homework, learners will be reading about the Earth's Systems and taking notes in whatever style makes most sense to them. This is both to get them extra information that we would have to sacrifice hands on time in class to give them, and allow learners to practice note taking skills before middle school. 

The test for this unit will be on the last day of the unit (2/22 or 3/15) and will be open-notes. 

Biomes 5 week unit
South - 3/19- 4/19
North - 4/30 - 5/31

Revolutionary War 5 week unit
North -3/19-4/19
South - ‚Äč4/30 -5-31 
Learners will be studying ecosystems, the food web and carbon cycle, and different biomes of the world. Instead of a test for this unit, learners will be putting together a poster and informational picture book about their assigned biome. Learners have assigned group roles and some research is expected to be done at home. 

For homework, learners will be completing questions for informational reading passages about each biome, the food chain and completing research for their project.

** Dates for biomes/ revolution unit may change due to state testing**