Math Class in Mrs. Desfosses's Room

As you may know we are using a new program for math this year: Math in Focus. If you are interested in learning more about it there is a Parent University workshop on October 4th.

Math in Focus

Why does it seem like my learner is coming home with repeat skills at the beginning of each unit?
The Math in Focus program works on building on skills from the previous year to then extend and expand learners understanding. To accomplish this we tap into learner's background knowledge and do a quick review of 4th grade skills before jumping into the 5th grade program for each unit.

Why are they learning skills in a new way?
Math in Focus focuses on Math as thinking. We want learners to understand the WHY and not just the HOW when it comes to doing math. Old-school math programs focused on skills, drills and formulas. We now know that it is more important for learners to become critical thinkers and truly understand why they are performing certain operations. This helps learners to make connections and develop their problem solving and critical thinking skills.

What will my learner bring home for homework?
Learners will be bringing home review worksheets and skills as homework. We feel it is important for them to grasp a concept fully during their class time before sending them off to do it on their own.  These review practices will help learners solidify mastered skills.

What should I do to help my learner?
If learners have questions while completing homework, it is best to have them bring those questions back to class. You could also have them talk through and 'teach you' what they are doing. We have a lot of discussion in math class and verbalizing what they are doing could help learners to break through a sticky moment.