Students will receive a weekly packet for homework on Tuesday and it will be due on the following Tuesday,

I give weekly homework instead of nightly homework because I feel as if it helps to teach students time management, as well as helping with scheduling time for homework around busy schedules.

Vacation Reading 

Learners should be reading 25-30 minutes a day. In a just right book that should be the equivalent of 30-40 pages of their book. They should also be filling out their bookmarks to record their daily reading. A pdf. is here incase your learner looses their bookmark. 

Vacation Reading Bookmarks.pdf 
 Core HW 19 - Vocab Only - New words 2/19 - Quiz 2/23
terupt vocab list 3.pdf
Core HW 19.pdf
Learners will receive some vocabulary practice this week instead of a full packet. We are going to try studying words for one week instead of two to help get ready for middle school.
Science: Learners will be receiving reading passages Mondays-Thursdays to take notes on for their open-notes test at the end of the unit (Friday)
Social Studies:
Core HW 18 Due 2/20
Core HW 18.pdf
Science: Learners will be receiving reading passages Mondays-Thursdays to take notes on for their open-notes test at the end of the unit
Social Studies: 
Desfosses Math: Monday learners will receive a page on writing fractions as division problems and vice versa
Core HW 17 Due 2/13
Core HW 17.pdf
Science: Work on Planet Projects - Inner planets/Saturn Present Thursday - Outer Planets Present Friday
Social Studies: Finish Explorer Cards for Trading Card Days (2/8; 2/9)
Math: Desfosses - None Monday/Tuesday (iReady Diagnostic)
Core HW 16 Due 2/6
Core HW 16.pdf
Science: Work on Planet Projects - Due 2/8
Daylight Hours Graph Sheet
Social Studies: Study for test Monday; Highlight Explorers you are interested in
Math: Desfosses - Adding Fractions Worksheet Due 2/2
Core HW 15 Due 1/29
Core HW 15.pdf
Core HW 14 Due 1/22
Core HW 14.pdf
Kahoot Link: 
Core HW 13 Due 1/16
Core HW 13.pdf

This homework has writing and reading practice in it. Please have learners bring any questions back to class, or email me. 
Core HW 12 Due 12/19
Core HW 12.pdf
LA Homework 11 Due 12/12
Core HW 11.pdf

Science Homework: 12/1 - 12/15 - Observe the night sky for 15 days. Record sunrise and sunset times for these 15 days. 

Social Studies Homework 12/4 -12/7: Complete Discovering New Worlds Pages.

Math Homework: - Review Packet (Due 12/12)

Homework 10 Due 12/5
Core HW 10.pdf 10 goals.pdf
(original goals sheet saved incorrectly - correct goals in second document)

Homework 9 Due 11/21
Core HW 9.pdf

You can access this week's homework by clicking the above link if your student misplaces their hard copy. You may also email and request an electronic copy of the homework.