Welcome to our web page! If you have any questions, you may reach Mrs. Mitzel at 432-6956, extension 5134. The phone will not ring into the classroom during school hours, but you may leave a message on my voice mail. I can also be reached via email at


Did you know that……… Mrs. Mitzel's class we learn through the arts: music, drama, movement, poetry, visual arts and story telling?

 …..students who forget their homework can come in the classroom after 8:30 AM to complete it or get help? 

..... reading sheets are due every Friday and must have a parent or guardian signature? 
They can be printed off this site or written on a blank page as long at it contains the required information. They can also be picked up in the classroom.

 ….you are supposed to check their bag each night to confirm that homework is completed and packed; and then sign their assignment book? 

....your child has the web address and passwords to the online textbooks written on the inside of his/her assignment book?

 ….your support is essential to their success in 5th grade, as we are all partners in this endeavor?